Premium Travel Guide, Mallorca Experience by Sixt: The Key to Success for your Local Business

Premium Travel Guide, Mallorca Experience by Sixt

Discovering Mallorca has never been as exciting as it is now, with the new edition of the “Premium Travel Guide, Mallorca Experience” offered by Sixt rent a car. Specifically designed for local business owners, aiming to attract an exclusive audience, this annual guide has become an indispensable resource for exploring the island with a touch of style and distinction.

As a Tourist, Explore Unique Routes in Mallorca

Every year, our team of tourism experts selects and designs five exclusive routes that allow you to experience Mallorca in a unique and thrilling way. Behind the wheel of a Sixt rental car, you can venture through winding roads to reach secret beaches and charming villages where time seems to stand still. We invite you to savor authentic local cuisine, discover hidden gems, and enjoy spectacular views that only our island can offer.

Activities for Every Taste

Mallorca is meant to be lived intensely, and our guide covers everything necessary to make the most of it. If you are an adventurer, you will find options for extreme sports; if you prefer tranquility, you can relax in bustling markets or enjoy exclusive shopping areas. Are you a golf enthusiast? Discover the best courses in our pages. Whether you seek a romantic retreat or a family vacation, we offer perfect recommendations for every occasion.

A Complimentary Guide for Every Sixt Car

Best of all, every Sixt rental car customer in Mallorca gets a free copy of the “Premium Travel Guide, Mallorca Experience” in their car. This book is not just a guide but a paper co-pilot that will enhance your travel experience for a whole year, at no cost.


As a Business Owner, Position your Business as a Quality Benchmark

If you wish for your business to be part of this exclusive collection and present yourself to a VIP audience, this is your chance to shine. By advertising in our guide, you will not only gain visibility but also position yourself as a benchmark of quality and exclusivity in Mallorca. Find more details and presentation examples on our website and discover how we can help you achieve a new level of success.

Your Passport to Success with Sixt and Impresol

Soon, the new edition of the “Premium Travel Guide, Mallorca Experience” will be available at all Sixt offices in Mallorca, especially those at Palma airport, as well as on our website. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this unique experience. Let us be your ally on this journey towards success and find out why more businesses choose us each year to stand out in the competitive tourist market of Mallorca.

At Impresol Media Solutions, we are committed to taking your business to a new level. Join us and experience the true potential of Mallorca. The “Premium Travel Guide, Mallorca Experience” is more than just a guide; it is an invitation to be part of the best of the island.


Contact us for more information and start planning how your business can stand out this season. We look forward to hearing from you!




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