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Impresol Media Solutions

Established in 1997, we have been connecting local Balearic businesses with national and international tourists for over 25 years.

Our local marketing agency boasts a wealth of experience in the industry, a powerful local presence, a skilled international team, and an extensive network of business contacts. This powerful combination makes us the ideal platform for turning national and international tourists into customers for local businesses.

Impresol Media Solutions was founded by a German entrepreneur and has since evolved into an agency specialized in the German market. We excel in attracting foreign visitors, whether they are temporarily or permanently residing on the island. Our expertise spans across all sectors, and we work with media in both German and English languages.

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Team Impresol

Our Winning Team: The Driving Force Behind Your Business Growth

Maren Amberg

Managing Director

“Meet Maren: A Strategic and Passionate Leader Driving Results”

Maren is a highly motivated professional with a solid work ethic and a strategic mindset, consistently delivering top-notch results. Accustomed to working in fast-paced, demanding environments, she understands the critical role of communication, teamwork, and collaboration in achieving success. As a charismatic and dedicated leader, Maren’s strong sense of responsibility drives her to provide clients with exceptional service and outstanding outcomes.

Vikki Forster


“Introducing Vikki: Your Dedicated Client Liaison and Coordinator”

Since 2007, Vikki has been an essential team member, serving as the direct point of contact for clients while also supporting the team and management in their daily tasks. Responsible for coordinating between advertisers and graphic designers, she excels at working under tight deadlines. Committed to delivering exceptional client service, Vikki, a native English speaker, understands the importance of precise translations in ensuring our clients’ success.

Vikki Forster

Raul R. Romero


“Introducing Raúl: The Towering Force Behind Customer Success”

Standing at an impressive 1.95 meters, Raúl is no stranger to making an impact. His unwavering optimism and mental fortitude fuel his daily interactions with clients. For Raúl, customer satisfaction and success are always top priorities. He firmly believes, “We’re not just selling products; we’re empowering local entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.”



“Meet Laura: The Artistic Force Behind Our Design and Development”

Laura is more than just a graphic designer; she’s also a dedicated product developer. With a keen eye for color, typography, and design, she pours her heart into every publication, aiming for elegance, impact, and clean lines. Her unwavering professionalism consistently wins over our clients.




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