Impresol and Mallorca Fashion Outlet: 12 Years of Success in the Advertising Industry

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Impresol y Mallorca Fashion Outlet: 12 Años de Éxito en la Industria Publicitaria

(extract from the interview recorded back in October 2023 during the 25th anniversary celebration by Impresol)

In the competitive world of advertising and tourist promotion, there are collaborations that stand out for their efficiency and longevity. Such is the case of the alliance between Impresol and Mallorca Fashion Outlet, a synergy that has set a milestone in the industry. After 12 years of this successful collaboration, it is crucial to explore the factors that have made this union a role model.

A Fruitful Collaboration from the Start

Since its inception, Impresol has positioned itself as a strategic ally for Mallorca Fashion Outlet. The formula for success lies in the combination of a profound understanding of the tourist market and a network of top-tier collaborative partners. Impresol has not only provided Mallorca Fashion Outlet with high-quality advertising services but has also disseminated its message through its extensive network of contacts, including leading car rental companies and various federations, thus offering a wide array of resources and opportunities.

The Key to Success: Commitment and Tangible Results

Impresol’s commitment to delivering tangible and effective results is what has sustained this relationship for a quarter of a century. The trust placed in Impresol by Mallorca Fashion Outlet is rewarded with flawless execution of advertising strategies, directly reflected in the increased footfall at the shopping center. The investment made is not solely monetary; it is an investment in quality and in a profound market understanding that ensures a visible return in the number of visitors flocking to Mallorca Fashion Outlet each year.

A Testimony of Excellence: Carlota Rivero Shares her Experience

Carlota Rivero, Tourism Manager Spain at Mallorca Fashion Outlet at the time of this i, has shared her perspective on this enduring commercial relationship. Her testimony reveals the importance of having a partner like Impresol, who not only understands the specific needs of their shopping center but also strives to exceed expectations. The collaboration between the two is not merely transactional; it is an alliance that strengthens with each successful campaign.

Innovation and Adaptation: Evolving with the Times

What also sets Impresol apart in the advertising sector is its ability to adapt and innovate. Over the years, they have adeptly evolved with market trends and the evolving needs of Mallorca Fashion Outlet. This ability to anticipate and adjust to new market demands is a clear indicator of their commitment to the long-term success of their clients.

A Promising Future: Looking towards the Horizon

Looking towards the future, this collaboration between Impresol and Mallorca Fashion Outlet promises to remain a benchmark in the industry. With both parties’ commitment to excellence and constant innovation, there is no doubt that they will continue to set trends and surpass expectations.

Celebrating 12 Years of Successful Collaboration

In conclusion, as they celebrate these 12 years of collaboration, Impresol and Mallorca Fashion Outlet are not only commemorating a milestone but also a promise of continued success. This alliance is a clear example of how mutual trust, a commitment to quality, and a shared vision can lead to extraordinary results. Together, they have scripted a tale of success that will surely continue to inspire many in the years ahead.




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