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                   Phone +34 971 26 00 00
C./ Marbella, 61 · Platja de Palma · Mallorca
Clinicas Mallorca and its associate hospital Quiron Palma Planas has the following doctors and their areas of practice to diagnosis and treat a wide range of health conditions. 24 h ambulance service. Clinicas Mallorca und das dazugehörige Vertragskrankenhaus Quiron Palma Planas bieten ein umfangreiches Angebot an Fachabteilungen für Diagnose und Behandlung sowie einen 24-Stunden-Notdienst. Clinicas Mallorca y su hospital asociado Quiron Palma Planas, tiene amplia experiencia en todas las especialidades diagnósticas y de tratamiento. Servicio de ambulancia de 24 h.
DR . MIGUEL MIR PIZÁ • Tel. +34 670 210 555 • Traumatology, Orthopedic surgery | Traumatologie, Chirurgische Orthopädie Traumatología y cirugía ortopédica
DR . MARI PAZ GOMIS JIMENEZ • Tel. +34 639 719 256 • Emergency, General medicine, Pediatric emergencies | Notfallmedizin, Allgemeinmedizin, Kindernotfälle | Medicina de urgencias,
Medicina General y Medicina de urgencias pediátricas
DR. LYUBKA IVANOVA APOSTOLOVA • Tel. +34 610 669 372 • Emergency medicine | Notfallmedizin | Medicina de emergencias
DR. ENRIQUE KUPMAN • Tel. +34 629 614 737 • Gynecology, Emergency medicine | Gynäkologie, Notfallmedizin | Ginecología y Medicina de urgencias
DR. KATE KUPERMAN | DR . SHIRLEY LOAYZA • Tel. +34 643 776 544
Odontology | Zahnheilkunde | Odontología
As a convenience to owners and guests, the property offers this list of providers who may be able to provide products and/or services to owners and guests of the property. This is not a recommendation to use any particular provider and the property makes no representations regarding the qualifications of these providers or the quality of the products or services offered by these providers. Please do not consider this an endorsement or recommen- dation of any of these providers. The property has not made any inquiry as to their qualifications or the quality of services and/or products, which they provide. The property assumes no liability for the products or services furnished by these independent third-party providers.

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