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“Discount Card” or “Card” refers to the card presented with this User Guide; “Merchant” or “Merchants” refers to those providers listed in this User Guide who have agreed with Marriott‘s Club Son Antem (MCSA). to provide discounts or other privileges or benefits, jointly referred to as “Benefits”, to holders of a Discount Card.
1. The Card has no monetary value and is non-transferable. It may only be used in accordance with these terms and conditions.
2. The Discount Card can only be used within the dates printed on the Card. The Card is not valid beyond its expiry date.
3. Benefits will only be given by Merchants upon presentation of the Discount Card.
4. Merchants taking part in the User Guide are contractually bound to MCSA terms and conditions.
5. The Benefit level will be the Benefit level quoted in the User Guide only.
6. MCSA has taken reasonable care to ensure that only properly managed and reputable Merchants of good standing are included in the User Guide. MCSA, however, is not and cannot be held liable for any deficiencies in service, quality, merchandise, or health and safety concerning a particular Merchant.
7. Holders of the Discount Card recognize and accept they visit any Merchant voluntarily and entirely at their own risk.
8. MCSA is not in any way responsible for the condition of any of the Merchants’ locations, products, third party acts, services or omissions.
9. MCSA is not responsible in any way for the conduct or status of the Merchant at the point of Discount Card use.
10. MCSA is not liable in any way for Merchants who go into liquidation, close or are closed during the term of the Discount Card.
11. MCSA is not responsible for deviation in any Merchant’s details from that which appears in the User Guide.
12. MCSA is not responsible for a Merchant being unavailable due to holiday or other closure, be it partial or complete. MCSA recommends that Card holders check direct with the Merchant in advance.
13. The Discount Card will not entitle the Card holder to preferential table booking facilities.
14. The Discount Card can be used by the Discount Card holder for up to a maximum of 8 people at any one time.
15. The merchant may reserve its right not to give/award any Benefit if the Discount Card cannot be produced.
16. The Discount Card must be presented or the Merchant informed of the Discount Card before the service or product is requested.
17. Neither MCSA nor any of its affiliates, sister or parent companies, shareholders, directors, managers, employees, representatives or agents
may be held directly or indirectly responsible, whether partially or fully, for any harm, prejudice injury or inconvenience caused to any Discount Card holder, user, family member, relative or legal heir or successor, from the use of the Discount Card or when dealing with any Merchant.
18. MCSA and/or Merchants reserve the right to cancel this programme at any time without prior notice. MCSA and/or Merchants reserve the right to modify any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.

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